Senior Home Safety: Simple Tool Ensures Battery-Powered Devices Are Fully Charged

senior home safety

Senior home safety depends on many battery-powered devices

Older adults depend on so many battery-powered products like automatic pill dispensersstick-anywhere lights, personal call systems, smoke detectors, and emergency flashlights. These and many other devices are essential for senior home safety.

It might sound silly to talk about batteries as a caregiving challenge, but think about the battery-powered products your senior uses every day. What would happen if one of them didn’t work when it should and you weren’t around to immediately take care of the situation?


When batteries die without warning, it can cause major problems

Unfortunately, very few products have warnings that tell you when its batteries are getting low.

The last thing you need is for their personal call system to fail just as they’re trying to ring you for help. Or for their smoke detector to start blaring a low-battery alarm when you’re two hours away. And what if their automatic medication dispenser stopped working and you didn’t find out for days or weeks?


Simple product lets you easily test battery power

You could prevent these problems by replacing all the batteries in your senior’s devices every couple of months. But that’s costly and wasteful because batteries are expensive, many of them still could have plenty of power left, and most older adults depend on many devices.

You could also take a chance and hope that the product won’t stop working at a critical moment, but that can be nerve-wracking.

One solution to this common caregiving challenge is a simple tool that shows how much power is left in a battery. There’s no more need to waste money replacing them “just in case” or worrying about when they might fail.

We recommend an easy-to-use universal battery tester that costs $7, has very positive customer reviews, works with common household battery sizes, and uses a color-coded scale to let you know if a battery is out of power or if it’s still going strong.


senior home safety battery testerUniversal battery tester


Bottom line

This inexpensive battery tester improves senior home safety and gives you greater peace of mind. You’ll know exactly when to replace batteries so the products that your older adult depends on will always be ready to use.


Next Step  Get this simple but effective battery tester to make sure your senior’s devices are always ready to use


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By DailyCaring Editorial Team
Image: Visiting Nurse Service & Hospice of Suffolk

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