REVIEW: Jitterbug Touch3 Smartphone Pricing and Must-Have Services (Part 3 of 4)

jitterbug touch3 smartphone for seniors

Hands-on review of the Jitterbug Touch3 smartphone

We tested GreatCall’s Jitterbug Touch3 smartphone for seniors so we could share our real-life experience and opinions with you. If you’re considering a touch-screen mobile phone for your older adult, this 4 part hands-on review lets you know if the Touch3 is right for them.

In the coming weeks, we’ll tell you what older adults and caregivers are saying about the phone. You can also see our quick product overview and review summary or find out how families use the GreatCall Link app to keep seniors safe without taking away independence.


The Jitterbug Touch3 is a good value

Smartphones are pricey, but it’s something that will be used every day. This easy-to-use phone and services help seniors live independently and safely. It can also give you added peace of mind, so we think it’s worth the cost.

This phone comes with a variety of options and services, so the buying one might seem complicated. We simplify it by pulling the pricing, fee, and health and safety package information together in this article. We also talk about services we found most valuable.


Jitterbug Touch3 price and monthly fees

If you’re thinking of buying this phone for your older adult, there are 4 costs to consider. One nice thing is that there are no contracts or cancellation fees. (Pricing and plan info as of October 2015)

1. The phone
On the GreatCall website, the phone itself is $150 at regular price, but is often discounted for promotions. It’s also available at, but the price changes constantly.

2. The monthly service plan for voice and data
Both voice and data are required for the Touch3, but plans start at a reasonable $17.50/month and give you plenty of flexibility and choice. Choose from popular options or build your own plan from a la carte options for voice, text, and data.

If you need help choosing a plan or want to customize one of the existing plans, call GreatCall customer service at 866-932-6984 and they’ll walk you through your options.

jitterbug touch3 smartphone for seniorsPopular monthly voice and data plans start at $17.48


jitterbug touch3 smartphone for seniorsFlexible a la carte pricing for the Touch3 voice and data plans


3. Monthly plans for health and safety services (optional)
If you want the added health and safety apps and services, another monthly plan is required. What’s nice is that you can choose the level of service that your senior needs.

The Preferred plan is a good option because it has both 5Star and GreatCall Link. In our opinion, these are the two services that make the Jitterbug Touch3 the most useful smartphone for older adults and their families.

jitterbug touch3 smartphone for seniorsHealth and safety monthly plans


4. Added services (optional)
These added services give extra peace of mind, but might not be needed by every older adult.

jitterbug touch3 smartphone for seniorsAvailable services


Recommended Jitterbug Touch3 health and safety services

GreatCall’s health and safety services are a great addition to the standard Touch3 phone service. There are many available services (here’s a full list), but we’ll focus on the ones we think are most useful.

5Star medical alert service is available 24/7
For seniors who don’t have frequent companions, 5Star is a must have. Anytime your older adult feels scared or has a health emergency, they should feel free to call 5Star. That could mean being lost in an unfamiliar part of town, walking in a parking lot at night, being injured from a fall, or having a medical emergency.

Tapping the big red button on the phone’s main screen connects seniors to a 5Star IAED Certified Response Agent.

The 5Star agent will:

  • Confirm your older adult’s GPS location
  • Evaluate the situation
  • Review Personal Profile details (including medications, allergies, and health history)
  • Provide any needed assistance.

In case of a medical emergency, the 5Star agent will call 911 on your senior’s behalf.

jitterbug touch3 smartphone for seniorsThe 5Star button at the bottom of the screen is large and bright

The 5Star service comes with any of the 3 health and safety monthly plans, which start at $20/month.

GreatCall Link helps families
GreatCall Link is another must have for families who want the added peace of mind that comes from knowing their older adult is doing well. It’s part of the $25/month or $35/month Preferred health and safety monthly plans. Find out how families use GreatCall Link and see screenshots.

Urgent Care
For $4/month, the Urgent Care service gives older adults unlimited access to speak with nurses and doctors, anytime. They could even get a prescription for common medications over the phone. The best part is that insurance isn’t needed.

MedCoach is also $4/month and helps seniors stay on schedule with medications and refills. Friendly phone calls remind them to take medications at the correct time of day. The service can even connect to the pharmacy for prescription refills.

Check-in Calls
For $4/month, this helpful service calls older adults to check in and make sure they’re ok. The call schedule and questions about well-being that should be asked on each call are managed in the Personal Profile. If your senior says that they need help, or if they miss a call, GreatCall will notify their personal contacts.


Bonus smartphone benefits

Another thing we liked is that the Jitterbug Touch3 is an Android phone which has access to all the apps in the Google Play app store. That means you could play Words with Friends long distance with Dad or install Candy Crush Saga for Mom.


Bottom line

If you bought the phone from GreatCall and got the minimum voice and data plan and the Preferred health and safety plan, it would cost $150 plus $42.48/month. That’s inexpensive relative to most smartphones and their required voice and data contracts.

The Touch3 also provides better value for older adults and families because of the specially designed health and safety services that help seniors stay independent – safely.


Next Step  Find out what caregivers and older adults are saying about their experience with the Jitterbug Touch3


Interested in Buying?  Get the Jitterbug Touch3 from GreatCall (updated to the new and improved Jitterbug Smart)


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