REVIEW: Our Final Verdict on the GeriJoy Companion (Part 5 of 5)

GeriJoy virtual pet

Hands-on review of the GeriJoy virtual pet and care companion

We tried the GeriJoy Companion so we could share our real-life experience and opinions with you. If you’re considering this product for your older adult, this 5 part hands-on review lets you know what to expect.

Get a product overview and review summary in The GeriJoy Companion (Part 1). Find out how we ordered and got set up in Getting Started (Part 2). To see it in action, check out May’s Experience (Part 3). See how family caregivers use it in the Family Experience (Part 4).


Our final verdict

We enjoyed our experience with the GeriJoy Companion and can understand why there are so many positive comments in the GeriJoy customer videos. It’s an innovative approach to monitoring that also provides engagement and entertainment for the older adult.

We think most older adults will be far more likely to allow this in their house than a traditional monitoring system. In May’s Experience (Part 3), we mentioned some improvements we’d like to see, but there was nothing that made the experience negative.


What type of older adult would enjoy the virtual pet?

  • Requires added companionship and engaging conversation throughout the day.
  • Needs periodic monitoring or check-ins.
  • Refuses to allow professional caregivers or companions to check on them.
  • Responds well to suggestions or reminders to stay on their daily routine.
  • Some Alzheimer’s or dementia patients with difficult behaviors
    • Here’s a case where a combative woman with Alzheimer’s responded well to a combination of professional care, family engagement, and the GeriJoy virtual pet.
  • Misses the companionship of a real pet, but is unable to care for one.
  • Loves viewing the latest photos of family and friends whenever they want, but struggles to use technology on their own.


How do family caregivers benefit?

These are a few ways GeriJoy Helpers give you added peace of mind:

  • Contacting your chosen emergency contacts by phone or email if they see a problem.
  • Sending you notifications in certain situations if you put in a special request. For example, email you if they didn’t take their morning medication.
  • Posting daily activity logs so you can see how your older adult spent their time.


Is it worth it?

$249 per month is more expensive than traditional monitoring services like LifeAlert. But it’s not as expensive as hiring a person to check on your older adult throughout the day, especially if your older adult isn’t willing to have them around.


Future improvements

We spoke with Victor Wang, GeriJoy’s CEO, to get the scoop on new features and upcoming improvements.

Videos and music
In the future, you’ll be able to upload videos to the Family Portal. This would be a great way for your older adult to share family events. The GeriJoy Helpers will also be able to play music upon request.

The company is also looking into the ability for families to upload music in the Family Portal. That way, your older adult could ask their pet to play their favorite song!


Bottom line

Our 100 year old tester, May, and the DailyCaring team all enjoyed playing with the GeriJoy Companion during the test period. We especially love the creative approach to keeping older adults safe, yet allowing them to maintain their independence. It also adds fun and positivity to their days, which might be great for those who are lonely or at risk for depression. If you can afford it, we recommend that you give this virtual pet a try.


Interested?  Speak with a GeriJoy representative


Start at the beginning of this 5 part review with The GeriJoy Companion (Part 1). Find out how we ordered and got set up in Getting Started (Part 2). To see it in action, check out May’s Experience (Part 3). See how family caregivers use it in the Family Experience (Part 4).


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By DailyCaring Editorial Staff
Image: GeriJoy

Disclaimer: The product was loaned to us for the duration of this review. DailyCaring was not compensated and all opinions are based on our honest experiences. This is how we make money.

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