Popular Meds Like Valium Are Linked to Alzheimer’s

valium linked to Alzheimer’s

Valium may be linked to Alzheimer’s

A recent study found that the longer a person has taken benzodiazepines, like Xanax or Valium, the higher their risk of an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. The risk was greatest among those who used the long-acting version of the medication.


“The more the cumulative days of use, the higher the risk of later being diagnosed with dementia,” —Dr. Antoine Pariente, a co-author of the study and pharmacoepidemiologist at the University of Bordeaux


Bottom line

It’s possible that anti-anxiety or sleep medications are linked to Alzheimer’s or dementia. If your older adult needs them, first do your best to find non-pharmaceutical solutions to the problem. If all else fails, use these medications with caution. At least you’ll go into it with eyes wide open.


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By DailyCaring Editorial Staff


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