New In-Home Care Company Honor Answers 6 Top Questions

in-home care company

Honor, a new tech-focused in-home care company

You may have heard some buzz about a new in-home care company called Honor. They’re a Silicon Valley startup that’s using technology to make hiring in-home help for older adults faster and more flexible.

We spoke with the Honor team to learn more about 6 questions that are at the top of many caregivers’ minds.


6 top questions about Honor home care

Question 1: Extensive background checks
You mentioned that you spend $150 on background checks for your caregivers. Tell us more about your verification process. Do you also require Live Scan fingerprinting?

Honor’s answer
All Honor Care Professionals undergo a background check that includes a search of both federal criminal records and local criminal court records. This is based on the person’s past residence, employment and education.

We also review their driving record, conduct a drug test, verify past employment, and check references. All Honor Care Pros who are certified CNAs, HHAs, LVNs and RNs have undergone Live Scan fingerprinting as a requirement for their licensure.


Question 2: Required training for caregivers
What type of training or certification is required for Honor caregivers?

Honor’s answer
We require our Honor Care Pros to have at least one year of paid caregiving experience or be certified (as a CNA, HHA, LVN, or RN) and have at least 6 months of paid caregiving experience. We also require each Care Pro to pass an assessment exam before becoming Honor certified.


Question 3: Alzheimer’s care
Do your caregivers have specialized training to care for seniors with special needs like: Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, or other serious health conditions?

Honor’s answer
Honor Care Pros have a variety of qualifications: nursing degrees, home health aide licenses, or years of hands-on experience. Many are already experienced with seniors who have special needs, especially dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Question 4: Fast, last minute help
If I need a caregiver for my older adult at the last minute, how soon could an Honor caregiver be at my house?

Honor’s answer
Our technology allows us to send a Honor Care Pro to your house within 2 hours.


Question 5: Other languages

Do you have any caregivers who speak languages other than English? Is it be possible to request only caregivers who are fluent in a certain language, like Spanish or Mandarin?

Honor’s answer
Yes, many Honor Care Pros speak a second or third language. The first meeting we set up is an assessment. That’s when we build a specific care plan to fit the needs of each client.

If a specific language is requested, our technology allows for us to match the right Care Pro based on their skills.


Question 6: Honor’s tablet for the home
What happens if my senior can’t use the Honor Frame (the tablet that Honor provides for ratings and feedback) because of illness or frailty?

Honor’s answer
The Honor Frame sits in the senior’s home and makes them active participants in their care. It’s completely optional.

The Frame informs seniors who their Care Professional will be and asks for feedback about their experience. When not in use, the Frame displays family photos.


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Honor helps you quickly find family-quality care and companionship for older older adults so they can stay happy and healthy in their own homes. Honor Care Pros are there when you can’t be, for one hour or as long as you need. We offer a full range of personalized, non-medical services to Bay Area families, including care for Alzheimer’s and dementia. Just request a visit online or by phone, and we send an amazing Care Pro to help you or a loved one in as little as 2 hours. Call or visit our website to learn more.


By DailyCaring Editorial Staff
Image: Griswold Home Care

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