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stop caregiver stress

Being a pessimist helps reduce caregiving anxiety

Imagining and planning for worst-case scenarios can be more effective than trying to think positively. It’s a strategy for dealing with and managing anxiety so it doesn’t negatively affect you. Perfect for caregivers who frequently deal with complex and unexpected situations.
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stop caregiver stress

How to say NO to anyone (even a good friend)

Caregivers already have too much going on. Learning to say no keeps your to-do list manageable. Saying “no” to a friend is still a tricky scenario especially when you’re nervous about damaging the relationship. But saying “no” gets easier with practice and repetition. Having the right script, a starting point for what to say, can make all the difference. Here’s a universal script that works for just about any scenario.
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stop caregiver stress

Why a 5 minute break reduces stress

Most caregivers feel compelled to be in constant “go-go-go mode.” Without rest your brain becomes fatigued and doesn’t work as efficiently or effectively. Just a short break will help to decrease stress, increase energy and often provide new insights and perspectives. There are plenty of ways to take timeouts wherever you are and whatever you are doing.
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