Links We Love: Seniors Living Life to the Fullest

seniors dance to pharrell happy

These hip seniors get down and dance to Pharrell Williams’ hit song Happy (
This fun video features older adults from Italy dancing to Happy and clearly having a great time!


D-Day Veteran snuck out nursing home

D-Day Veteran Snuck Out Of His British Care Home And Fled The Country To Honor His Fallen Comrades (
Bernard Jordan hid his medals under his coat and ran away from his care home because they wouldn’t allow him to make the trip to Normandy to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings.


DJ granny wika

DJ Wika Szmyt, a 76-year-old Polish woman, DJs in a Warsaw club three days a week! (
She plays disco, rumba, or samba for a mostly older audience, but she also does parties for younger people!


oldest woman on Facebook

105 year old woman is the oldest Facebook member! (
Maria Metzgar has 85 Facebook friends! Some of her “younger” family members aren’t even on Facebook, saying they’re not savvy enough!


george hw bush skydiving

George H.W. Bush Celebrates His 90th Birthday by Jumping Out of a Plane (
For his 90th birthday, this former president celebrated the same way he did on his 80th and 85th birthdays – by going skydiving!

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