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in-home care

Finding in-home care is challenging

When your older adult needs in-home care, you might not know where to look to hire a paid caregiver. Traditional home care agencies are probably the most well-known, but there are other options. Here, we’ll explain how one company with a different model works.

Why use over a traditional home care agency? is known for child care services, but they also offer senior care. They’re different from a traditional home care agency and might work better for some people. You’ll have to interview and hire the paid caregiver yourself, but in return, you’ll probably pay lower rates and have more flexibility and control. When you hire somebody directly, you get to make the rules instead of being constrained by agency rules. Here’s an overview of the fees and the services we thought were most useful.

Try the Free Account before committing

  • Don’t start paying the monthly fee until you try the free account to see how many caregivers are in your area and their skills, prices, and other qualifications. You may live in an area where the quality of the caregivers doesn’t meet your needs.
  • When you register, will ask some questions about your in-home care needs
  • Post a caregiving job and see what kind of applicants you get.
  • WARNING: It’s not obvious, but you don’t have to enter your credit card to create a free account. Look for the the “continue with limited access for free” link, indicated in the picture below.

in-home care

Free Account also includes local senior housing & home agency listings

  • If you need help finding in-home care agencies or senior housing in your area, also provides listings of Senior Housing and Home Agencies.

Consider upgrading to a Premium Account if you like the caregivers

  • If you like the selection of caregivers, consider upgrading to a paid premium account at $39/month so you can view reviews, references, and basic background checks for caregivers you want to interview.
  • You also get access to request backup care by sending an immediate message or text to listed caregivers.

More services for additional fees

  • More detailed background checks for extra security.
  • Tax and payroll services since the paid caregiver will be your employee.
  • Professional guidance from someone that can walk you through the process and help you find the people and services you need.

Bottom line

The way traditional home care agencies work isn’t always the best fit for everyone’s situation. If you need more flexibility, choice, and potentially lower rates, give companies like a try. Because you’ll be doing the interviewing, reference checking, hiring, paying, and managing, might be a better fit for caregivers who live closer to their older adult. If you’re pressed for time or live far away, you might benefit from working with a traditional in-home care agency or a geriatric care manager.

By DailyCaring Editorial Staff
Image: LWF Home Care Specialists

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