Q & A: I Need an Expert to Help Me Find the Right Living Facility

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– Question –

I need an expert to help me find a living facility that’s right for us and within our budget.

My older adult’s health is getting worse, they can’t safely live alone, and they need more daily care than I can give. I’ve already talked to companies that gave me a list of local living facilities, but I need more help than that.

I don’t have the time or energy to research and evaluate all these places. Are there professionals who know the area and can help me with this?


– Answer –

Yes, there are experts who can help. They’re called Geriatric Care Managers. They’re specialists who act as a guide and advocate for people who care for older relatives or disabled adults. Geriatric Care Managers can help you find and evaluate housing options that fit your situation and are within your budget.

Here are some resources and tips for finding a Geriatric Care Manager who can help you find the right living facility for your older adult.


Learn more about Geriatric Care Managers
Get more information from the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers.


How do I find a local Geriatric Care Manager?

  • Use this online tool to find a certified Geriatric Care Manager in your area.
  • Call local living facilities or home care agencies to ask if they can refer Geriatric Care Managers they like working with.


How much will this cost?
Geriatric Care Managers charge fees, but they all bill differently. Be sure to discuss all fees before making a commitment. Some insurance companies may be starting to cover this service – check your older adult’s coverage to find out.


Check references and experience!
This industry isn’t regulated, so you should do some due diligence before choosing a Geriatric Care Manager.


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