Does Coconut Oil Help Alzheimer’s Symptoms?

Coconut oil for Alzheimer's

Should you believe the hype?

Stories about coconut oil being a miracle cure for Alzheimer’s have been flying around support groups and all over the Internet. The questions on family caregiver’s minds are: Is this for real or a hoax? Should I give coconut oil to my older adult? It turns out the answers are…maybe and maybe.


Beware of false claims

There are a lot of snake oil salespeople giving false hope, so beware of any miracle cure claims. Coconut oil hasn’t been scientifically proven to treat Alzheimer’s and it hasn’t been endorsed as a cure or treatment by respected medical institutions like the American Medical Association (AMA). Stories of patients who have improved while taking coconut oil may be true, but these cases haven’t been rigorously tested and benefits could be caused by a variety of factors.


New research digging deeper

The good news is that scientists are starting studies to find out why and how coconut oil can help brain diseases because of all the positive anecdotal evidence. Promising studies are being published and reviewed as we speak. The more people who work on discovering cures for this devastating disease, the better.


Is it safe to try coconut oil?

After reading this, you might want to have your Alzheimer’s patient give coconut oil a try. Generally, coconut oil in moderate amounts is a safe supplement for many older adults. But, first check with your doctor to make sure the coconut oil won’t interfere with any existing medical conditions, medications, or treatments.


Bottom line

Coconut oil hasn’t been proven as an Alzheimer’s treatment or cure, but promising scientific studies suggest it might be helpful for brain diseases. Of course we all want a real cure, but for now we’re glad the scientific community is hard at work on new solutions.


By DailyCaring Editorial Staff
Image: JuicedBe

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