Caregivers Deserve Compliments!

compliments for caregivers

A free website that gives you compliments

As a caregiver, you’re usually putting other people’s needs before your own. Sometimes we have those moments where we feel tired, crappy, and under-appreciated. When that mood strikes, try this website with fun and silly compliments to lift your spirits. It’s a nice reminder that you deserve compliments!

How does it work?

Compliments are displayed in large font on a brightly-colored background. If the first one doesn’t make you feel better, click the “I still feel crappy” link to get another compliment. Keep clicking until you laugh out loud or feel better, whichever comes first. This lighthearted service is completely free, so give it a try.

Laughing is good for caregivers’ health

Everybody, benefits from a dose of silliness every now and then to keep life from getting too serious – especially caregivers! Besides, laughing actually calms your stress response, stimulates organs, and soothes tension. Don’t you feel relaxed and refreshed after a good laugh?

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By DailyCaring Editorial Staff
Image: Emergency Compliment

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