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This is a guest article from Jennifer Fitta at EasierLiving

As you can imagine, in my role as a caregiver advocate and evangelist at EasierLiving, I live, eat and breathe all things caregiving. Whether it’s talking to other caregivers via Facebook, Twitter or on the phone, devouring new information about health conditions or researching the latest home healthcare innovations, I pride myself on helping caregivers with their biggest challenges. With summer on the horizon, one of the biggest issues caregivers face is traveling.

The folks at DailyCaring, a resource that I respect and swear by, gave me a great opportunity to discuss caregiver travel. In a series of blog posts, I plan to discuss 1) preparing your loved one for travel; 2) traveling and leaving your loved one at home; and 3) dealing with caregiver guilt when traveling.

Today, let’s discuss preparing your loved one for travel. As cheesy as it sounds, I can’t stress enough the Scout’s Motto of “Be Prepared.”

  • Research the local hospitals and pharmacies: Know exactly where you’ll go if there is an emergency.
  • Call the hotel ahead of time: Be sure to request first-floor rooms, handicap bathrooms and refrigerators for medications. Don’t rely on the special-request box when booking online – talk to a live person.
  • Organize medication: Give yourself ample time to get necessary refills and be sure to travel with the medication in its original bottles to prevent any confusion if you need to visit a pharmacy while away.
  • Do you need a wheelchair? Even if your loved one can walk, think about investing in a wheelchair rental for your trip if there will be a lot of walking. Also, consider calling an airport in advance for a wheelchair at the gate.
  • Know the supplies you’ll need: You likely have many home healthcare products that you rely on, but identify only the ones that you absolutely need to bring on vacation. Many caregivers pack extra incontinence supplies and foot care remedies when traveling.
  • Prep to keep on a schedule: Staying on schedule when traveling is difficult, but it saves time and energy in the long run. Try to organize your day to have a similar meal and medication times.


By Jennifer Fitta, caregiver advocate and evangelist, EasierLiving
Image: EasyLiving


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