AUDIO: 3 Experts Give Tips on Caring for Parents

caring for parents

Radio show about caring for parents

This hour-long KQED radio show has 3 expert guests who talk about the challenges in caring for aging parents. The discussion is focused on situations that families often face when caring for older adults.

This is a great program to listen to in the car, while washing dishes, or when sorting mail. You’ll learn about new resources and will hear from others in similar situations.


Expert guests share valuable caregiving advice

Stefania Shaffer

  • Author of 9 Realities of Caring for an Elderly Parent.
  • Cared for her mother with dementia for 5 years.
  • Shares her experiences becoming a caregiver, taking over management of the house and finances, and help she wishes she had gotten.

Donna Schempp

  • Director of programs and services at Family Caregiver Alliance.
  • Stresses the importance for people caring for seniors to realize that they are caregivers and to get the help they need and deserve.
  • Discuss many of the resources that are available for caregivers and older adults.
  • Says, “Often the caregiver as a person gets lost in the caregiving.”

Anne Hinton

  • Executive director of San Francisco Department of Aging and Adult Services.
  • Talks about community resources available to help caregivers.
  • Gives tips on working with siblings to care for a parent.
  • Recommends checking with CANHR and your local ombudsman organization for ratings and reviews of nursing homes.


Topics discussed in the show

The hour-long discussion flows naturally and covers many different topics, including:


  • Important legal documents
  • Elder fraud and abuse
  • Finding out what your older adult’s end-of-life wishes are

Major life changes

  • Taking the car and keys away from people who shouldn’t be driving
  • Changing roles – you’re making the decisions now instead of Mom or Dad


  • Being suddenly thrust into the caregiving role
  • Not knowing how long caregiving will last
  • Caring for someone who is declining rather than improving
  • Feeling guilty about having to do things like not allowing Dad to drive anymore

Caregiving tips

  • How to work together with siblings or family
  • Challenges of being an older caregiver
  • The importance in finding humor and laughing whenever you can
  • Do you need to get help from an expert?
  • Why and how caregivers should care for themselves
  • How friends can help


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By DailyCaring Editorial Staff
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