An Inside Look at the Role of a Professional Guardian

professional guardian

Studies show that seniors who openly discuss their finances with a trusted relative or friend are more likely to protect themselves from fraud or financial abuse.

But not every older adult has someone they can turn to for advice or help.

In these cases, a professional guardian or fiduciary can be their trusted financial advisor. They help vulnerable adults manage their finances, protect against elder fraud, and maintain quality of life.

Our friends at True Link interviewed a professional guardian who’s been working with seniors for over ten years. She talks about her typical clients, how she helps them get good care in safe environments, and how she helps families work together to care for their loved ones.


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By DailyCaring Editorial Staff
Image: Shelley Ocaña Professional Private Fiduciary


True Link is a financial services company committed to protecting vulnerable individuals, including seniors and adults with special needs, from becoming victims of fraud, scams, and exploitation. The company provides tools that can be self-directed or managed by family members, caregivers, or guardians. With True Link, you can detect suspicious account activity and block unwanted transactions, all while preserving an individual’s independence and protecting their assets.


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