4 Senior Olympics Athletes Who Inspire Us

These older adults are inspiring athletes

These older adults all have something in common – they’re amazing athletes! They’re all over age 50 and getting ready for the July 2015 National Senior Games, sometimes called the Senior Olympics. We think their athletic abilities and dedication to training are remarkable for people of any age. Here are four we found especially inspiring.

D. Paul Miller, cycling, 96 years old

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At 96, Paul was the oldest cyclist in the 2013 National Senior Games. He expects to hold the same honor next July. “It takes commitment, conviction, and real discipline to go year after year, but I remain convinced of its value,” he said. “I plan to continue as long as I am physically able.”

Ethel Lehmann, softball, 84 years old

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Ethel was an excellent softball and baseball player and dreamed of playing professionally, but her mother made her stop at age 21 because “it was not feminine.” She started playing again at age 47. Later, she and her husband played together in a senior softball league. Since then, Lehmann and her husband have won 10 medals at the National Senior Games. Wow!!

Russ Witte, swimming, 97 years old

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Russ was honored with the Distinguished Flying Cross for his heroism as a pilot in World War II, but more recently, he’s known for his impressive swimming times. In 1987, Russ also competed in the very first National Senior Games.

Flo Meiler, pole-vaulting, 79 years old

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Flo started pole-vaulting at age 65 after spending five years mastering track races, hammer throw, high jump and javelin. She holds 15 world records and, as a senior athlete, has more than 750 medals, 80 trophies, and 150 ribbons. “For me, track and field is just like brushing my teeth or taking a shower,” Meiler said. “I wouldn’t be happy without it. It’s my life — I just love it.”

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Source and Images: Today Health

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