5 Perfect Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

ways to celebrate mother's day

Enjoy Mother’s Day together

Having a special Mother’s Day doesn’t necessarily mean elaborate outings or extravagant gifts. Most moms are happiest just spending time with family or receiving a thoughtful and heartfelt gift.


5 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day

To help you find the perfect ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, we’ve got 5 great activity and gift suggestions for older adults at various levels of physical and mental ability.

Use these ideas as a starting point and add your own special touches to personalize the day just for her.

1. Enjoy her favorite meal

  • If you’re going out, it doesn’t have to be to a fancy place – just a restaurant they like and feel comfortable in.
  • If you’re staying in, prepare their favorite meal – maybe do it together if she enjoys helping! Or, order some tasty take-out. Using nice dishes or lighting a few candles makes it feel more special.
  • At home, you could also invite family and friends for a casual potluck party. Everyone can spend the afternoon chatting and eating together.


2. Spend some time in nature

  • Take a leisurely walk in the the park or around the neighborhood.
  • Visit a plant nursery, botanical garden, or flower shop to surround yourselves with beautiful flowers.
  • Relax outside on the porch or in the backyard for some fresh air and bird or butterfly watching.


3. Get some retail therapy

  • Take a stroll through the shopping mall. Indoor malls are perfect for older adults – plenty of seating for short breaks, lots of snacks and drinks, and bathrooms everywhere. Plus, window shopping and people watching are always fun!


4. Relax at home

  • Watch their favorite movie or TV show.
  • Play a fun card game or a classic game (example: Yahtzee!).
  • Read aloud from a book of their choice. You could even take turns reading!
  • Make a favorite dessert together. Their participation can range from working side-by-side with you to helping mix a few ingredients to keeping you company in the kitchen and being the official taste tester.
  • Have a non-alcoholic “cocktail” for a fun afternoon snack time. Just add sparkling juice or bubbly water to lemonade, juice, or iced tea and put it in a clear cup!


5. Give a thoughtful gift she’ll love

  • Use this easy-to-follow video tutorial to create a beautiful flower card. All you’ll need is some colored paper, colored pencils, and glue.
  • Reminisce over special memories with a custom photo book, blanket, or puzzle.
  • Keep her warm in her chair with a cozy lap blanket.
  • Upgrade her cane or walker with one of these — the Hugo Cane or a best-selling rollator.


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By DailyCaring Editorial Team
Image: Institute of Healthy Aging

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